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Thoughts on Blockchain as a security mechanism

Blockchain is a solid argument given what happened to #equifax incident. The financial and healthcare world, along with anyone managing other’s PII and financial records should be required (or incentivized) to implement a distributed, decentralized, #blockhain database of information coupled with your typical industry best practice layered security model. Imagine a world where #blockchain is […]

Cyber Kill Chain

In 2011, Lockheed Martin introduced a concept called Cyber Kill Chain. It outlines the following 7 steps of a cyber attack: 1) Reconnaissance 2) Weaponization 3) Delivery 4) Exploitation 5) Installation 6) Command and Control 7) Actions on Objectives A well designed Cyber Security program would allow an organization to monitor, alert, and disrupt the […]

Windows 2003 Security Events

Events Windows 2003 Event ID Title 624 User Account Created 630 User Account Deleted 631 Global security group created 632 Group member added to Global security group 633 Group member removed from global security group 634 Global Group deleted 635 Local Security Group created 636 Group member added to local security group 637 Group member […]

Tunnelling Web and DNS through SSH using FireFox + OpenSSH and Linux

Have you ever use a wireless access point at say a library or star bucks and feel uneasy because the AP is open and anyone can access it? You should be, as these APs are prone to people who snoop around on their laptop sniffing traffic (including https, yes it’s not hard to set up […]