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Thoughts on career

When I first began my career in 2005, I was desperate to get into IT after spending 6 years in the Navy. It was tough breaking into the field. I was working toward my MCSA at the time. I eventually received an interview nearby where I was living at the time. The job was for […]

Thoughts on Information Security and Compliance

In today’s industry, being in compliance doesn’t make a company secured. Being in compliance means a company met the minimum requirement or have workarounds for some of the risks they can’t mitigate. Asking if a company is in compliance is like asking a student if they have done enough work to get a C grade. […]

SCCM: Logs to check when troubleshooting software updates.

Server Side Software Update Logs: SUPsetup.log – Installation of SUP Site Role. WCM.log, WSUSCtrl.log – Configuration of WSUS Server/SUP. WSyncMgr.log – SMS/WSUS Updates Synchronization Issues. Objreplmgr.log – Policy Issues for Update Assignments/CI Version Info policies. RuleEngine.log – Auto Deployment Rules. Client Side Software Update Logs: UpdatesDeployment.log – Deployments, SDK, UX. UpdatesHandler.log – Updates, Download. ScanAgent.log […]

Troubleshooting Rapid Growth in Databases and Transaction Log Files in Exchange Server 2007 and 2010

I found this blog from the technet site. Just copied and pasted here in case the blog won’t be available for future use. Link to original blog is below:   A few years back, a very detailed blog post was released on Troubleshooting Exchange 2007 Store Log/Database growth issues. We wanted to revisit this […]

Arris Cable Modem has backdoor in backdoor

Solarwinds AppInsight: Unable to create wsMan listener (Error code: 16024).

I was trying to get AppInsight IIS working on my SharePoint boxes. The automatic configuration option through SAM threw up this error: Unable to create wsMan listener (Error code: 16024). Upon checking the SPN on the SharePoint server I found that the http option were missing: setspn -L Sharepoint01 Registered ServicePrincipalNames for CN=Sharepoint01,OU=Sharepoint 2010,OU=Serv ers,DC=domain,DC=com: CmRcService/Sharepoint01 CmRcService/ […]

Avoiding PKI Mistakes