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Windows Update unable to detect new updates

We ran into an issue with Windows Update where it failed to detect new updates. Below is a Msft article which I copied and pasted here in case it ever disappears from the Microsoft site: How do I reset Windows Update components? Email Print If you receive a Windows Update error, try the steps in Fix […]

get-wmiobject returns object not found

If you run get-wmiobject and it returns an error that says Object not found. Here’s how to fix it:   For Server 2003: rundll32 wbemupgd, RepairWMISetup For Server 2008: winmgmt /verifyrepository If this doesn’t work, try renaming or deleting the repository: First, you need to stop the WIN Management service net stop winmgmt Then, rename […]

remove stuck mailbox move

When Remove-moverequest fails 1. Open ADSIEDIT and navigate to the OU where your broken user account is stored. (Under: Default Naming Context) 2. Locate the user account, right-click on it and then choose “Properties”. 3. Click on the “Filter” button and make sure “Show only attributes that have values” is checked. 4. Scroll down the […]

Force removing Exchange 2010 database – ADSIEDIT.MSC

Run Get-Mailbox -Database “Database Name” –Arbitration command to find all the arbitration mailboxes If there are some arbitration mailboxes, move them to different databases and then delete the database again If all above don’t work, you can use ADSIEDIT tool to delete mailbox database: 1. Open Adsiedit.msc 2. Connect to the configuration partition. 3. Expand […]

Resetting the entire registry permission

There will be times when you either: 1) Have some sort of malware running on your machine 2) Accidentally changed the permissions of your registry and needed to reset the registry permissions to default.    Here’s how:   download SubInACL from here SubInACL is a command-line tool that enables administrators to obtain security information about files, […]

Windows 2008 Security Events

Events Windows 2008 Security Group Management Event ID Title 4727 A security-enabled global group was created. 4728 A member was added to a security-enabled global group. 4729 A member was removed from a security-enabled global group. 4730 A security-enabled global group was deleted. 4731 A security-enabled local group was created. 4732 A member was added […]

Windows 2003 Security Events

Events Windows 2003 Event ID Title 624 User Account Created 630 User Account Deleted 631 Global security group created 632 Group member added to Global security group 633 Group member removed from global security group 634 Global Group deleted 635 Local Security Group created 636 Group member added to local security group 637 Group member […]